The New World

           (Guest Post By Kharmarh)

                Hi, if you are reading this, it’s too late. I was born in a running world, it wasn’t like that in the past centuries, not until we were born and everything changed. The past has become so distant like it didn’t happen, while the future is like a myth, we all are craving for. They say “live today like it’s going to be your last.” We misinterpret that, we are running carelessly after things that won’t matter in years to come.We want the screen world, we don’t care how dumb we look so long as we get it. We forget our laughing buddies for the ones on their phones and fingers to seek approval. We don’t see bad things in our midst as a big deal until it’s trending somewhere else. We gave the finger people power to determine our feelings about ourselves.

           It wasn’t always like this, everything changed when we weren’t looking. Everywhere, you see people glued to their screens. Screens are not all bad, just pay attention to the world around you… It’s beautiful.

            Have you seen the shooting star, moon, sun, the seas, hills and mountains? These things are beyond what any mouth can speak. I want whoever is reading this to drop your phones, sit still, go outside and see the world. Praise the Creator for giving you grace.

             We change the world by redesigning who we are but never forgetting where we come from.

I am just passing by anyways. It’s funny how a baby with the cutest smile becomes a grown up with devious acts. Don’t think I am perfect cause I’m pointing out the flaws in the New World. We are all victims of the same circumstances.

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  1. Nifemi🥰 says:

    Yes dear this is a really nice piece. It’s funny how people including me are so glued to our phone that we don’t know what’s going on in the real world

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  2. This is so touching. This write up is so nice and revealing. It makes us see what life has turn to. We all say we want to change the world but how can we? When all we do is staying glue to our phone, laptop. We rather search for friends online than make friends with who is around us.

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  3. SamSahana says:

    Isn’t that a wonderful post! I absolutely loved your words and thoughts about this. Very thought-provoking. We’re missing out on lots in the real world while creating a fake one virtually. “It’s funny how a baby with the cutest smile becomes a grown up with devious acts” such a powerful irony. Great post! 👌

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    1. Jola says:

      Thanks , Sam but it’s not mine🙂

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      1. SamSahana says:

        Yeah, I noticed that it’s a guest post, but still… 😁

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