Mon Ami Extraordinaire

Clumsy old me lost all my writing. My poems, thoughts, blog posts, drafts.. they’re all gone. And while I was whining about it to this babe, she told me to write a post about her. She probably meant it as a joke but I took up the challenge so here we are.

Where to begin? July 24th or 25th I think, I met this Edo/ Abuja babe with a name I had never come across before. I don’t quite recall, I think she asked for my name. I told her and then I asked for hers. “Iyobosa,” she smiled. “Edo?” I inquired. “Yes,” she smiled even wider.

The class started and I could immediately decipher that she was a smart one. She spoke at length on the Trans- Atlantic slave trade, I was impressed. I sat beside her most days wanting her intelligence to rub off on me a little. There’s something about being around intelligent people, they make you want to read harder, study more, learn even more so when everyone is speaking, you have something valuable to add into the conversation.

Fast forward to the day our tutor announced to everyone that I had a blog, I just wanted to crawl inside a rock and not come out again, ever.

“This is the link to your blog ba?” she pointed her phone screen at me. I nodded timidly.

I found out she was a poet, she showed me her works and may I say, they are wonderful. I actually forgot my phone at home that day so I was unable to show her my poems. When I eventually did, she liked them and deep inside me, I was glad.

We got talking on Whatsapp, she wanted to measure her height. I told her I was 5 feet 7 inches and she replied that she must be 6 feet then. I laughed so much because this girl was so short, she could fit her whole body in a passport. She calls herself a growing child and deludes herself that she’s still going to grow tall.

A motivational speaker that should really take her own advice, she has been holding back for a long time and I think it’s about time she let go. I’ve been sending her motivational quotes because I want to see her let go, she has so much to offer and frankly, the world ain’t ready.

A very vibrant Raconteur. She entertained us with tales from boarding school and I even snagged a pic while she was talking because she won’t just stop talking. She made me walk the longest distance I ever have in my whole life, I’m exaggerating here but we trekked shege.

A party planner that should really put her money where her mouth is. The only person I know who would willingly spend her transport money ordering food from Jumia saying God would provide, he will not let me trek home. She alighted before her bus stop one particular instance just because of food. I can’t judge her because I’m perfectly capable of doing the same thing. She would say she’s sitting jejely on her own and something would tell her to open the Jumia app. My dear, uninstall it😂

We were constantly being separated in class. Then there’s the day where she was the teacher for about an hour. Best class I’ve ever attended in my life, please don’t tell Sublime. Public speaking is calling your name, Yobo.

Our chats are filled with us sending writing contests back and forth.

Not only is she beautiful, brainy, bold and most importantly, funny. This girl has made me laugh so haaard. She strikes the perfect balance between silly and smart. I’ve barely known her for two months and I can say with my full chest that this is a relationship I really wouldn’t want to end.

How can I forget? She’s customer care in the flesh. She’s almost always receiving a call. I think she has like two million friends and you should see her unread chats on Whatsapp. You can send Yobo a message in July and she’ll just be replying it in September 😂

Yobo, you’re a shining star and you really shouldn’t dim your light. Cheers to getting to know you better.

I’m going to end it here even though I’m nowhere near the end. Finally, I pray God showers Yobo and I with money.

You know what I hate most? It’s the fact that after publishing this post, my mind starts coming up with other things I should have said.

You can leave a short message for any of your friends in the comments section, something like a shout-out even though they might never see it.

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  1. Nifemi🥰 says:

    This is really nice dear, you really do have a lovely friend 😘

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  2. Nifemi🥰 says:

    Shout out to Ojo Mary, a very good friend for always being there for me to support me and encourage me when others didn’t

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Jola says:

    Thank you ✨

    Liked by 1 person

  4. yobosa says:

    Speechless is all I am Jola. You’re a friend indeed and I’m definitely looking forward to a long term friendship. Don’t mind sublime always trying to separate us, badbelle 🙄(don’t tell him I said that oh!)

    And it’s also how we have quite a number of things in common and we’re able to work through whatever differences may occur. I do not regret meeting you because it is really a breath of fresh air (I’m trying to chip in an idiom to look smart like you too😂)

    Cheers to an amazing writer, going global who I’m privileged to call my friend 💖✨

    Thank you!

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    1. Jola says:

      I am even more privileged to call you a friend Yobo. Thanks for making me write something on my blog because otherwise…

      Liked by 1 person

  5. SamSahana says:

    Awww this is soooo sweet and awfullllyyy cuuuuteee 😍😍 Plz send her my love! 💕
    She can fit in a passport lol 😂
    She sounds like a cutie. Happy Friendship to the two of you! Good that you took up this challenge seriously 😉😜

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jola says:

      Thank you so much for reading, Sam! I’ll make sure to send her your love.

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  6. oladewalaura says:


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  7. O. R. A says:

    This made me smile😊

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