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Latest from the Blog

  • An embarrassing moment in my life
    I’ve never shared this story with anyone before so I just decided, ‘why not write it on my blog?’ It happened a few years ago when I was in the JSS Three class of secondary school. I was twelve at the time. I had a seatmate named Aishat. We were kind of close.Anyways, it happened […]
  • My First Semester at the University- Toyosi, Uniben Akoka
    New environments can be quite a bit overwhelming especially added with the academic pressures. Toyosi,a student of a typical Nigerian University has chosen to share with us a little of her experiences during her first semester at the University conducted during my interview with her. What was it like on your first day of school? […]
  • Having a Teen Life Crisis? I Can Help.
    Happy Saturdays People! I’m so happy you’re here. Ever heard of a Mid life crisis? Now, imagine having it much earlier. That’s what I dubbed, “Teen Life Crisis.” I remember when I just turned seventeen,  I was legit freaking out. I kept worrying that I was almost thirty. Dramatic? I know. I was feeling really […]